Tweet, tweet… who’s there?

So, I’ve finally jumped onto the world of Twitter, and linked it on here!

So, if any of you out there wish to follow me, search for pikeonaplate in Twitter, and you’ll hear updates to the site, news, and my general ramblings!

Also, look for some big additions this week to the blog.




One thought on “Tweet, tweet… who’s there?

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I’m pleased to have been introduced to your blog. Just heard about it and your most recent foray into the Central Market today, leading a group of future chefs and produce buyers on a voyage of discovery. I missed tagging along with you by 2-3 hours – did my own shopping there in the early afternoon.

    Looking forward to seeing where this forum goes and where it takes me; to joining in the culinary journeys, telling and hearing some appetizing tales and to, who knows, maybe someday slinging some hash with you (I’m told I should explain that: you see, where I come from, a short-order cook is called a hash slinger (of corned-beef hash that is). More on that later.

    Joel (Mr Di Hogg).

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