Tell me what you think… let me know what you want to see!

Hi guys,

I’ve had quite a few comments from some of you all, and a theme seems to be developing, you would like to request some ideas for recipes, or ingredients to research.  So I will be adding this functionality to the site very soon, so you can send me a request if you wish!  So keep an eye out for that soon.

Finally, the recipes and ingredients section will be updated very soon too.

Thanks for reading!


First ingredient review to come, something from the lettuce family….

Have a guess.

Celery?  Spinach?  Chard? Nup, probably something that you would never has guessed.

Jerusalum Artichoke.

Thanks to my old man, and their very generous neighbours, I’m going to give this interesting looking veggie a bit of a go, so it will be the first ingredient that I will share knowledge on, try some different ways of preparing it (believe it or not it works well in salads) and what I think what type of dish it would work best in.  So keep an eye out for that.

Also, long weekend is upon us, so keep an eye out for a massive update to the blog over the next three days.  Once i get the content up to a point where it it worth launching properly, I’ll do so.

Cheers for reading.